This website is set up with the intend to get awareness and acceptance for people who blur the lines of gender, through a personal view and experience. Because although many people think it is accepted, it really is not. Many of us still get judged in a negative way. We are still seen as "objects", to be ridiculed with/about or have just sex with.
So there is still a lot to be done to really be accepted as normal human beings. And there are more people like us than you might think.

The number of people is a lot higher than one might think. A lot are still hiding because they are afraid to lose their partner, their job, their family, their friends, ... . Afraid of being misunderstood. Lives are even lost that way.
If we're done battling ourselves, we still have to battle society. Because society still finds it necessary to label and grade everything.

I have tried to structure the website as much as possible. And even if you don't want to read everything [or not all in one go], it's easy to find the parts you do want to read and which ones you have read. Some stuff you'll think doesn't belong in here. They don't have any direct meaning to the subject of the website. But maybe they remind you that we are people to, the same as you.
"My Timeline" is my personal experience. "What is what?" you'll find more general information. But still with my own opinions/views on it. Some information can be found in both and/or in several places. Sometimes it's hard to put something on one spot, because it is somehow connected [or atleast in my mind].
It also wasn't that easy for me to write. I'm not so good at writing and it is a lot of personal stuff. So my mind has been reliving a lot. Sometimes clear of mind, other times not so much. I've been back and forth with what I should tell and what not. Am I shooting myself in the foot this way? Is it brave or is it just plain stupid? I really don't know.
But if it doesn't help me, then I hope it helps others. "Regular" people to be more aware and understanding. Other like minded can maybe draw some strength out of it, knowing they're not alone in this battle. Just that little bit of extra strength to hold on, because no other persons opinion is worth that much to take your own life for it, believe me.

So if you want to continue on, do so with an open mind.

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