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People wonder why my pictures are both male and female. I want to show people that because we dress like females, we aren't any less male for it. Although this doesn't fully apply to me anymore, it is important to know, because for some people dressing as the opposite gender from time to time is just enough. They are not any less man [or woman if it is the other way around] for it.

I have worked together with some photographers to make these pictures. I also took some myself and did some retouching [color, contrast, ...] on the pictures or made a different backdrop for them. Maybe in the future I will try to find other photographers to work with, so I can put more recent pictures of decent quality on it.
I find it very important that the pictures represent a decent image. I think/hope that helps with people accepting it better. Most people still have a weird image of it in their heads. And if that image isn't altered, it won't be accepted as we want it to be. Part of it is to not be ridiculed because of it.

I'm solely responsable for the new sets of photo's (photography and editing).

Don't want to click on all the pictures to see them? Just click the picture you want to start with and the slideshow will start automatically.

The next pictures are from before I started my transition. So before and up until the beginning of my hormone-treatment. And before my jaw-surgery (feminization of the jaw).

Here is a list of photographers who co-oporated with this old set of photo's:

The pictures below were taken with a webcam. These are the shots I took as a make-up test for the New Years Eve party mentioned in my timeline. These are also the pictures my last girlfriend saw first.

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